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Companies are often enamored with the notion of global engineering, but many find that the reality and challenges of engineering in this arena can obscure the promises of pooled resources and lean engineering. As an international valve manufacturer, BDK understands that global engineering is supported by a solid corporate vision coupled with business practices that provide the foundation for creating an environment to deliver superior products and services. With a strong and unique market position, BDK focuses on four key business areas to deliver this vision globally. The first element revolves around customers' needs. We listen to what our customers say and try to respond with innovations, often taking a long-range view when implementing solutions. The second element focuses on corporate culture. Our culture is founded on the principle of respect for individuals and cultural diversity. We provide an open, honest environment with high ethical standards where people are encouraged to express their opinions freely. We value high technical competence, aggressively seeking new ideas externally as well as internally. The open exchange and communication of our philosophy to new people is fundamental to building our corporate network. The third element relates to decision-making. At BDK, decision-making is decentralized. Our regional managers have significant autonomy to decide locally while still adhering to the company's philosophy, culture and vision. The fourth element addresses technology. BDK is very technology-driven. Even as we grow our strength commercially as an organization, we continue to primarily base our differentiation on technical innovation. With a strong corporate vision and key business elements in place, companies can tackle the demands of global engineering. We believe that global engineering is all about leveraging lower wages and off-shore resources, combined with high-value expertise, anywhere in the world. To succeed, it is a requirement to customize tools and technology to different markets and to effectively collaborate with colleagues, wherever they are.

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